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        Pingluo county's first high performance battery production project is about to go into production

        Publisher: Administrator 2018/12/29 10:49:51

               Pingluo binhe new material science and technology company high-performance battery cathode material research and development project construction is progressing smoothly, the first phase of the project is about to be put into production.

               In the construction site of ningxia binhe new material technology co., LTD. 's r&d and manufacturing project of high-performance battery cathode material, the completed factory building and installed equipment came into view. This project is a new material project jointly developed by binhe silicon carbide products co., ltd. and jiangsu fangzhou new energy materials co., ltd. in conjunction with Peking University, xiangtan university and other universities. The project will start construction in November 2017 with a total estimated investment of 1.09 billion yuan. The project will be implemented in stages with an investment of 250 million yuan for the first phase of the project. At present, the project has completed an investment of over 200 million yuan.

               According to the project leader deng chaoqun, this project mainly solves the lithium battery quick charging. The project makes full use of waste residues generated by kaidi chemical company in the park as raw materials to reduce costs and save energy and environmental protection on the other hand. Now the first phase of the project has been completed 95%, the equipment installation has been basically completed, and the pilot production will start next week.

               It is understood that after the project is completed and put into operation, it will achieve sales revenue of more than 4 billion yuan and create more than 1,000 jobs.

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