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        Kong xiangzhong: it is estimated that the annual industry profit will exceed 140 billion yuan!

        Publisher: Administrator 2019/1/5 9:21:23

        On December 21, more than 200 member representatives from hubei cement industry gathered in wuhan optics valley, hubei cement industry association sixth fifth member conference and the province cement enterprise annual meeting was grandly held here.

        China cement association executive vice President of xiang-zhong kong, secretary general of the China cement association of professional committee of the carbon reduction Li Chen, the office of economic and information technology, deputy director of the c.y, hai-jun qiu, ecological environment agency, hubei province, deputy director of every man kills his love, the building materials industry association management office director angel lee, hubei province, hubei province association of building materials ye-qing li, cement industry in hubei province association Guo Chengzhou attended the meeting. Hubei province cement industry association vice President wang xuejun presided over the meeting.

        This conference comprehensively summarized the operation situation of hubei cement industry in the past year, and combined with the international and domestic macro situation, discussed and analyzed the overall development trend of cement industry and the development direction and path of hubei cement industry in the next stage.

        According to introducing, continue to steadily push forward the cement peak production in hubei province in 2018, the first 11 months of the entire province article 53 stop kiln kiln line is 3094 days, reduce the clinker production 10.98 million tons, reduce the coal consumption of 1.5 million tons, effective control of the production already, resolve the excess capacity, optimize the market supply, has made outstanding contributions to the province won the ecological tough.

        Statistical data shows that the cement industry of the whole province not only has a good record of industrial output value and profit during the same period, but also has a steady rise in the overall development quality of the industry, maintaining a good momentum of development for the third consecutive year.

        Kong xiangzhong on the hubei province cement industry in the past year has achieved good performance to give full recognition. At the same time, he said, the cement industry wrong peak production, capacity reduction, structural adjustment is a "chess board".

        In the first three quarters of this year, the total profit of China's cement manufacturing industry reached 109.4 billion yuan, up by 88.8% over the same period of last year (full caliber), exceeding the total profit of 2017 (87.7 billion yuan). It is expected that the annual profit of the industry will exceed 140 billion yuan.

        Investigate its reason, the state of supply side structural reform and environmental protection supervision strength increasing, including "environmental protection limit production", "win the blue sky battle", "peak production", a number of ongoing affect cement production capacity play to limit production measures, market supply and demand continues to improve, industry to maintain low inventory operation, combined with coal, logistics costs continue to rise due to the impact of national macro policy in the superposition of multiple factors such as the national to restorative cement prices, profits thus a rising tide lifts all boats, a fast growth.

        However, the current situation of severe overcapacity in China's cement industry has not been fundamentally changed, nor has the industrial concentration and market optimization layout. In the future, the change of industrial structure adjustment and the improvement of enterprises' innovation ability are more important than the economic efficiency index. The sustainable development of the cement industry will be determined by the five major indicators of industrial restructuring, namely, the reduction of severe overcapacity, the improvement of industrial concentration, the optimization of market layout, the improvement of enterprises' ability to innovate and develop, and the strengthening of self-discipline and integrity.

        Guo shiqing, deputy secretary-general of hubei cement industry association, on behalf of yuan dezu, executive vice President and secretary general, summarized the work of the association this year, and made arrangements for the work of the association next year.

        Guo chengzhou made the keynote speech. He pointed out that the cement industry of the whole province has made gratifying achievements this year, which is the result of the industry's overall situation, concerted efforts, resolute implementation of supply-side structural reform, and in-depth implementation of industry self-discipline. It is also the result of everyone's concerted efforts to cope with environmental pressure, rising production and operation costs, downward market demand and other challenges.

        At the same time of achievement, do not be complacent, stop at the moment, but should be more sober study and grasp the future development situation of the industry. Analyzing the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry, guo chengzhou proposed that the next year and the next stage should focus on four tasks:

        First, we will unswervingly implement peak shift production, strictly control new production capacity, continue to promote and deepen supply-side structural reform, and improve the quality of industrial development.

        Second, strengthen self-discipline, adjust the structure and promote the transformation, vigorously develop the environmental protection industry, further extend the industrial chain, accelerate the pace of green transformation, and promote the steady growth of the industry;

        Third, adhere to innovation-driven and safety management, to promote the industry to achieve steady and long-term development;

        Fourth, adhere to the service first, with the party building work as the guide, give full play to the "bridge" and "link" role of the industry association, strengthen communication and coordination with government departments, to create a better environment for the high-quality and sustainable development of the cement industry in the province.

        C.y., every man kills his love on behalf of the office of economic and information respectively, in hubei province ecological environment agency stable cross and interpretation of the "province economic and information hall about ecological environment agency office submitted 2018 cement enterprise peak production peak production plan implementation and 2019 notice, for next year entire province cement peak production put forward specific requirements. They asked cement enterprises in the province to resolutely implement the spirit of the 19th national congress of the communist party of China, unswervingly follow the path of green development, fully implement the production plan of cement off-peak, and strive to win the battle of "defending the blue sky" and "reducing production capacity, adjusting structure and maintaining steady growth", so as to make new contributions to the economic and social development of the province.

        In view of the current cement peak production capacity and displacement, the problems of ye-qing li suggested that to strengthen the regulation of peak production in the process of policy implementation, to not perform guild regulations HangYao, does not keep your words do not carry out the wrong peak production of enterprises, the necessary interview, not timely correction to public through the media exposure, and formulate the corresponding punishment; Identify the cooperative disposal enterprises of cement kilns and develop differentiated peak shifting production plans to plug the "policy loopholes" as far as possible. We will strictly implement the policy requirements of the state on prohibiting new production capacity, prohibit the activation of inefficient production capacity (zombie production capacity) from participating in capacity replacement, establish an exit mechanism for excess production capacity, and establish a fund to reduce production capacity to support and encourage enterprises to take the initiative to exit. At the same time, we will use policy leverage to promote mergers and reorganizations, improve industrial concentration and optimize the structure of production capacity.

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