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        Power battery market frustrated lithium iron phosphate accelerated embrace energy storage market

        Publisher: Administrator 2019/1/5 9:27:32

        With the rise of energy storage market, some power battery enterprises have been setting up energy storage business in recent years. Recently, power battery companies have won orders in the grid-side energy storage market, which opens a new world for lithium iron phosphate batteries.

        According to statistics of power battery installation, the proportion of lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary power battery in 2015 was 69% and 28% respectively, and that in 2016 was 60% and 38% respectively. In 2017, lithium iron phosphate accounted for 50%, and ternary power battery accounted for 45%. In June this year, the total installed capacity of 2.87Gwh was 1.81Gwh, accounting for 63.01%. The installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate power battery was 1.01Gwh, accounting for 35.16%.

        It can be seen that lithium iron phosphate accounted for more than half of the total installed capacity from 2015 to 2017. In the past three years, the sales volume of China's new energy vehicles has been the highest in the world for three consecutive years. It can be said that China's new energy vehicles have made remarkable achievements in topping the global rankings. However, at present, the proportion of lithium iron phosphate batteries in power batteries continues to decline, and views such as "out of favor" and "out of favor" keep emerging.

        In fact, the current lithium iron phosphate battery, hedong has become hexi, in the field of new energy vehicles in the limelight has long been overshadowed by the ternary power battery. Despite its many advantages, lithium iron phosphate, which suffers from energy density bottlenecks, is vulnerable to policy guidance seeking high energy density, extreme endurance and commercial profit-seeking.

        The industry believes that with the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, although the proportion of lithium iron phosphate battery in the power battery installation continues to decline, but it has formed a huge capacity can not be ignored. As the largest market of lithium iron phosphate battery in the field of new energy passenger vehicles, lithium iron phosphate battery may be completely lost in this field. Without this cake, how to relieve the pressure of production capacity will be faced with a test.

        And with the change of subsidy policy, compared with high nickel ternary battery, lithium iron phosphate battery is not dominant. Lithium iron phosphate battery in the field of power battery, adhere to the new energy passenger car market, looking forward to the return of new energy special vehicles, or waiting for low-speed electric vehicles, continue to strengthen research and development breakthrough innovation, in order to stabilize the current situation.

        The market share of lithium iron phosphate has been gradually compressed

        When the high-nickel ternary battery became the mainstream of domestic development, the lithium iron phosphate company had to change its direction and regain the market share lost due to lithium iron phosphate. It is understood that byd this year all passenger cars except the e6 will be replaced with three yuan power battery. As its largest power battery production base, qinghai byd power battery factory with a planned capacity of 24Gwh will mainly produce ternary power batteries.

        The person in charge of golden eagle shares said that the company is actively adjusting the lithium iron phosphate battery project to expand the direction of lithium manganese acid. As the new energy vehicles subsidies TuiPo, three power lithium battery system, lithium manganese acid has price advantage will gradually highlights, and manganese acid lithium battery power performance, discharge rate of good performance, low temperature performance, high voltage frequency also can satisfy the market demand, the characteristics of manganese acid lithium and hope that the three yuan relatively complement each other.

        An industry insider also pointed out that, under the guidance of China's new energy policy, the lithium iron phosphate material had a negative impact in the short term. 2. The disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate materials in terms of energy density and power need to be actively sought for breakthroughs;

        3. Adhere to high-end product leadership, eliminate low-end repetitive construction, resolutely eliminate backward technology and production capacity, resist homogenization competition and price war; 4. Actively cultivate new application fields such as passenger cars and energy storage, expand the application fields and scale of lithium iron phosphate materials, and develop more application scenarios of lithium iron phosphate.

        Bloomberg new energy finance highlighted for the first time in its 2018 new energy outlook that falling battery costs will have a huge impact on power systems in the coming decades. According to analysis by bloomberg new energy finance, the cost per megawatt hour of lithium battery has dropped by nearly 80% since 2010. With the development of electric vehicle manufacturing industry, the price of lithium battery will continue to fall in 2020, and the application advantage of lithium battery in the energy storage field will become bigger and bigger.

        "We expect investment in battery capacity to reach $548 billion by 2050, with two-thirds on the grid side and one-third behind household and commercial meters," said Seb Henest, bloomberg new energy finance's head of Europe, Middle East and Africa and lead author of NEO 2018.

        With the rise of energy storage market, in recent years, some power battery enterprises have laid out energy storage business. Recently, power battery companies have won orders in the power grid energy storage market, which opens a new world for lithium iron phosphate batteries.

        On August 1, yiwei lithium energy announced that the company has become the first candidate of winning the bidding for the container complete energy storage equipment of xixian energy storage power station in the second batch of equipment procurement projects of the 100MW battery energy storage demonstration project of henan power grid. This is the first time that the company has obtained the order of "grid side" energy storage business.

        In the middle of July, the energy storage power station project of jiangsu zhenjiang power grid was put into operation. It is known that this energy storage power station, with a total power of 101MW and a total capacity of 202MWh, is the largest battery energy storage power station project in China. Lixin energy announced that it was also involved in the energy storage power station project of jiangsu zhenjiang power grid and assisted the successful grid connection of the zhenjiang 80MWh lithium iron phosphate energy storage project.

        Lithium iron phosphate accelerates energy storage

        In the middle of June, the first demonstration project of 100MW battery energy storage in henan power grid -- the first set of container battery energy storage units in luoyang huanglong station was successfully connected to the grid, becoming the first grid-side distributed battery energy storage power station project in China. It is reported that this year, the state grid henan electric power company selected 16 substations in nine regions, including luoyang, to carry out the country's first grid side 100 mw distributed battery energy storage demonstration project construction.

        Seen from the bidding and implementation of the two super-large power grid energy storage projects in henan and jiangsu, first, there are many power battery enterprises participating in the energy storage projects. Participating enterprises include tianjin lishen, nandu power supply, kelu, yiwei lithium energy, zhongtian technology, lixin energy, etc. Due to the advantages of long life, safe use, large capacity and green environmental protection, the transfer of lithium iron phosphate to the field of energy storage will extend the value chain, which is conducive to promoting the new business model and constructing a new industrial chain. In addition, the energy storage market is larger than the electric vehicle market and will be an important potential market for lithium iron phosphate.

        The second is the application of lithium battery (mainly lithium iron phosphate battery) supporting energy storage system has become the mainstream choice. With the progress of power battery technology and the reduction of power battery cost in recent years, lithium iron phosphate has a cost-effective advantage over lead-acid and lead-carbon batteries. The explosion of energy storage demand in the domestic power grid also provides a way to reduce the capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

        As power grid energy storage is driving demand for lithium iron phosphate batteries, it is foreseeable that domestic power grid energy storage will win a new market breakthrough for lithium iron phosphate batteries. Power battery enterprises form diversified businesses such as power and energy storage, and energy storage business is expected to become the fastest growing business of the enterprise.

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